Harvest of Fragrances           

Fragrant gift adjusted to your needs! 

If you feel interested in a gift for the most substantial clients,

trade partners, employees or others, feel interested in our products and services.

We may prepare gift sets or miniatures of some products in a framework of special price pack. No. of products and range of prices shall be established individually on the basis of your expectations.

Additionally, we are able to issue special discount or gift cards (vouchers) for you and your company at selected values.

We shall negotiate terms and conditions of our cooperation.

Contact :  email: b2b@harvestoffragrances.com

Don’t wait, prove your memory and wish somebody a success ...

Fragrant gift from Harvest of Fragrances shall be unique and one-off gift!

For SPA owners, hairstyle agencies, hotels and all businesses related with fashion and wellness we are able to develop a pack of products characterized by attractive price. Such as miniatures, sets of occasional products (e.g. for Women's Day, Christmas gift or a bonus for regular client).

Contact us.Your success is our success.

We shall mutually determine nature and extent of cooperation. Unique products originating from portfolio of Harvest of Fragrances for your clients. 

E-mail: b2b@harvestoffragrances.com  

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