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Department: purchase & sale, marketing

Languages: Polish, English


Niche fragrances specialist, looking for trends and novelties. She likes everything new, different and unique. Irreplaceable when it comes about contact with a client. She is able to persuade everyone to give up previous beloved fragrance and replace it with a fashionable new one. She appreciates product testing which makes her our company’s ‘fragrance stylist’.


Department: purchase & sale, distribution

Languages:  Polish, English


Father of the success of the Company. He has more than 20 year experience in the field of fragrance and cosmetics sale. Good spirit of the company. He looks after attractiveness of its products. He appreciates quality ad practical solutions. Due to his experience we are provided with benefits, promotions and attractive prices. Professionalism is experienced at each stage of cooperation with the Harvest of Fragrances.

Luxury fragrances sale, contact in Belgium:


Languages:  Dutch  (Nederland ) , English


Luxury fragrances sale, contact in Holland:

E-mail: info@

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