LAMBRUSCO Home Diffuser By Ut Olet Vinum  250 ml  8.46 oz.
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Ut Olet Vinum - Wine Aroma - Home Diffuser - 250 ml / 8.46 oz


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Brand:  Ut Olet Vinum  

Made in Italy  » Type: Home Perfume /  Diffuser  Package: Jar  Qty: 250 ml

You select from:   CHIANTI -  GEWURZTRAMINER

>>Open the glass bottle and immerse the reeds


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[CHIANTI] Harmonious dry and tasty, with a deeply sweet violet winy perfume: new fresh and pleasant in the ruby notes of smooth, velvety and pulpy red fruits. A Renaissance harmony like its homeland.
Fruity Tones, Wild Berries, Red Fruits
Flower Tones, Violet, Tobacco, Ginger
Sweet Woods, Vanilla

[GEWURZTRAMINER] At first blush it derma particoularly aromatic, full and intense. Its perfume inebriates for the full-bodied structure; the feelings that come out remind to the exotic fruits, flowers, citrus fruits, spices, such as pineapple, mango, passion fruit, rose, orange peel, peppermint, pepper, cloves, gingerbread.
Grape, Orange, Pineapple, Peach, Pear
Lytchee, Banana, Passion fruit, Apricot,  Aromatic Herbs
Honey, Wattle, Linden, Rose petals, Sage.

As Mr. Scaglietti says:"...if you cannot drink it at least you can sniff it!"
"ut olet vinum", for who's a wine lover and for who's not. It is an olfactory way through the Italian wines by which new fragrances are born starting from sensory experiences, inspired by the tones of "Lambrusco", "Brunello"or "Barolo".

Ut Olet Vinum Home Harvest of Fragrances


Through the cooperation of Mr. Sergio Scaglietti, famous car designer from Modena, Italy who began his extraordinary adventure with Enzo Ferrari, creating some of the most beautiful cars in the world, and the Company named after him, the new home fragrance collection UT OLET VINUM is born; Its aim is to let people discover the fragrances linked to the world of wines; and extending the olfactory rose to the most famous Italian wines.

Sold in an elegant brown carton box, the bottles are made using the typical black glass of balsamic vinegar, sealed in red wax with silver logo, all hand made in Italy by the Scaglietti company; a family-run business managed by Simone Scaglietti, who shares his grandfather professionalism, creativity and competence.

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